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Upcoming Classes


Upcoming Classes





  PADI Instructional Packages



    Scuba Training Specials



I.  PADI Open Water Diver Certification



$320 + E-Learning
(PADI Charges You An Extra $179 for E-Learning Registration)
$395 with Text & RDP  (Regular $499).  
(DVD, Text, Instructor Led Classes & Academic Reviews @ SMD)
All Inclusive Pricing!
* The 4 Open Water Dives are scheduled for Gray Quarry during
Our Diving Season, and in the North Florida Springs November-April.
Florida Dives have a separate additional Trip Fee.

Interested?  Sign-up by Calling Us at (423) 239-7333

*               *               *  

II.  PADI Advanced Diver Certification


 Wreck Diver, Quarry Diver, Deep Diver, U/W Nav, *EANx,


Search & Recovery Diver, Altitude Diver, Night & L/V Diver.


Personalize Your Own PADI Advanced Course Content!



"Your Don't Have Your Own Diving Equipment Yet?"


We Don't Furnish Scuba Equipment for Advanced & Specialty


Courses.  However, We Do Offer OUR Students a 1-Day Rental


Rate for the Complete Dive Course to Schedule As You Will!




$300 + E-Learning

(PADI Charges Extra for E-Learning Registration)
$350 w/Crew Pack.
(EANx Dives, DVD, Home Study, Instr. Lead Reviews & Final @ SMD)
All Inclusive AOWD Pricing!



* 5 EANx Advanced Dives are scheduled at Gray Quarry during
Our Diving Season, and in the North Florida Springs November-May.
Florida Dives have a separate additional Trip Fee.


Interested?  Sign-up by Calling Us at (423) 239-7333


  *               *               *





PADI NITROX Diver Specialty



$199 Includes Text Package!


This puts your PADI Nitrox C-Card in your pocket!


Why Dive Air?  Nitrox is Safer!   It's All About . . . Time!


   Call for Reservations (423) 239-7333.


 *               *              *





PADI  Emergency First Responder
2-Year "Re-up" Course
New Course Date Posting Soon!
Held in SMD Classroom.
1st Timer EFR & O2 Provider Available 
Call 423-239-7333 to Register
Tony Simpson; Instructor


  *               *              *





We Certify "Dive Pirates" @ SMD
*               *              *





Family/Group Instructional Pricing


(Any SMD Course)


Normal Pricing Applies to Student #1 & #2


Special Price Applies to the Remainder of Your Group


  *               *               *





  PADI Private Instruction for Open Water Course


"Turn-Key Price" $650 incl. text pkg. & cert.


  *               *               *





We  Dive!



*               *               *







Advanced Open Water Diver Course



New PADI Advanced Classes Begin Every Day


You Know "the Drill", Call 423-239-7333!


  *               *               *







Divemaster Course



Registration & Orientation



Saturday, November 2nd - 10:00AM @ SMD



For PADI Divemaster Course Reservations


Call (423) 239-7333, E-mail or Drop By SMD


     *               *               *





2019 - News for Diver's Using Gray Quarry



Beginning Saturday, May 5th any diver that is not traveling with


"Your Own" Scuba Instructor can join Smoky Mountain Divers'


for a PADI Advanced Open Water, or PADI Specialty Course on a


"Per-Dive" basis.



Take your PADI AOWD or PADI Specialty Course one dive at a


time and allow yourself the opportunity to truly schedule the dive


program to suit your needs. You'll pay for the individual dives,


One-Dive-At-A-Time! Complete the course in one weekend, or


take the whole diving season to Get the Advanced Certifications


You've Got Your Eyes Set On.



 If you've got a "Home Dive Shop", but can't get the courses you


want for the Spring thru the Fall scheduled, join SMD at Gray


Quarry.  Buy your text packages at the diveshop of your choice,


or we've got them available at Smoky Mountain Divers.



If you're diving Gray Quarry why not work on some Advanced


Diver Training while your here? For more information call Barry


@ SMD (423) 239-7333. Our e-mail address is


This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it



You may also want to consider buying a Gray Quarry "Family


Season Pass" for the calendar year, or for the given Month of your





Join Smoky Mountain Divers' Instructional Staff at Gray Quarry,


"Just For the FUN of It".  Hey!, We're Only 3 Miles Away!


  *               *               * 





    PADI Diver Certification is Good for a Lifetime


and Accepted Anywhere in the "Free World".


*               *               *





Talk About Flexibility



We'll Schedule Certification Dives for You . . .


Morning, Noon, or Afternoon . . .


Any Day of the Week!


Smoky Mountain Divers . . . The Professionals



Sign-up by Calling Us at (423) 239-7333.


*               *               *





We start new Scuba Courses Daily


You don't have to wait until we get a half-dozen students


to begin Scuba class & You Can Work Your Own Schedule.


  *               *               *





We're Diving Gray Quarry



Open Water Qualification & Specialty Dives



      Wantta Dive?


By Reservation (So we can plan our Instructional Staff) 


Call SMD @ (423) 239-7333


  *               *               *





We Offer Private & Group Scuba



Early Morning, Mid-Morning, Mid-Afternoon, or Evenings!


When Did You Want to Take Your Scuba Lessons?


There's Not a Scuba Business in the Tri-Cities


that Can Match Our Flexibility or Experience.


  *               *               *





  PADI Scuba Skills Up-Date


*  A "Great" Dive Skills Review in the Pool.


*  A Short "Dive Procedures" Review.


*  An Updated C-card & Picture . . .


Now, You're Set to Go Scuba Diving Again!


 Call Us at (423) 239-7333 It's Painless!


  *               *              *





 Come to the "Dark Side" . . .


   We Have Cookies (in two sizes)!*


*"Cookies" for Cave Divers are Informational Disks that attach to guidelines.


Our first use of Cookies taught us the fish really like Oreo's. (Joke!)


Are you interested in getting your Cavern Diver Certification?


How about SSI Intro-to-Cave, Basic Cave, or Full Cave Diving?


This is a great opportunity to do the Academics & Equipment


Configuration Classes in the scuba shop before a FL Dive Trip.


Interested?  Sign-up by Calling Us at (423) 239-7333.


*               *               *




      "Try Scuba Diving"


Kingsport Aquatic Center



  PADI "Try Scuba" @ KAC!

  November 2, 2019
It's the Brian, Alex, Tony & Jimmy Show!
Why Not Join Us for Some Scuba FUN?



Meet @ SMD



Cost is $40 for the 2 hour Program


Meet @ Smoky Mountain Divers for Our Departure to the Pool.


We Furnish all Equipment Necessary & Pay the Pool Fee for "Try Scuba".


Bring a swimsuit, towel, and a great attitude.


No Experience Necessary


Pre-registration is Required


Ages 10 and Up are Welcome!


Join Us for "Try Scuba Diving"!


To Register Call Smoky Mountain Divers @ (423) 239-7333


*               *              *





Kingsport Aquatic Center



PADI Open Water Scuba Class



   We'll See You @ KAC!

  November 2, 2019
It's the Brian, Alex, Tony & Jimmy Show!
Why Not Join Us for Some Scuba FUN?



Call SMD; Confirm Attendance (423) 239-7333


  *               *               *





  PADI Open Water Scuba Courses

Please Call for reservations  (423) 239-7333


     *               *              *




Carson Newman University



"Community Scuba Training"



   Jefferson City - Dandridge - Morristown -


Newport - White Pine - Greeneville




PADI "Try Scuba"




$40 (1 1/2 Hour Program)


We Furnish All Equipment & Pay the Pool Fee for "Try Scuba"


  By Appointment 1:00-3:00PM


All Scuba Equipment is Furnished for this 1 1/2 hour Pool Session.


Bring a swimsuit, towel, and a great attitude.


No Experience Necessary


Pre-registration is Required


Ages 10 and Up are Welcome!


Join Josh & Barry @ CNU Saturday!


  To Register Call Smoky Mountain Divers @ (423) 239-7333 


*               *              *







Greeneville, Tennessee


  Watch for PADI Scuba Diving Course
  Fall Semester - August 2019
Starting on Tuesday, 9:00-11:45AM. 


We have scheduled PADI Open Water Diver Scuba Certification courses at Tusculum College in Greeneville for Tuesdays.  These programs earn P.E. Credit.  The course will consist of swimming pool & classroom sessions for the Semester, (15) weeks meeting from 9:00-Noon.


Each student is required to purchase, or Rent ($90) a Mask, Fins, Snorkel, and Wetsuit Boots by the first pool session.  If you purchase these items through Smoky Mountain Divers, you'll receive an internet pricing discount & free snorkel.  Required PADI Textbook Package ($70) will be available to purchase, and your Lab fee of $100 is payable during the 1st class meeting.


Registration for the course is thru your normal Tusculum registration process. E-mail or call SMD @ (423) 239-7333 for any questions about the course content and total costing for the PADI Open Water Diver Certification program.


Our Classroom is to the Left just before you enter the Swimming


Pool.  See you at 9:00AM Tuesday.   Barry Burton, Instructor.


  *               *              *





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