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Monday - Thursday
9:00 AM til 6:00 PM


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6635 Kingsport Highway
Gray, TN 37615

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Local Trips
Local Trips & Activites




Let's Go Diving;



It's Time to Schedule Your Open Water Dives


to Complete Your Scuba Certification!



Call (423) 239-7333 for Reservations - NOW!









"Free Skull Sessions" - Saturday, 3/28


Meet SMD Staff @ Shop - Video &  Reviews 10:00 Till Noon


Advanced & Specialty Diver Topics:


U/W Nav, Deep, Night, Wreck, Nitrox & Altitude


Call for Reservations, (423) 239-7333

 Nitrox40 Specialty - Saturday, 3/28


Meet Barry Burton @ SMD 1:00 Till 4:00pm


EAN40 Certification Will Be Issued Today!

  ETSU Scuba


  Closed 3/17- End of Semester


"Spring Break & "CV19"




   Scuba Academic Sessions. 


SMD Classroom Daily - Limit 3 per session


  Call (423) 239-7333 for Reservations

  Cancel 3/4/20 EFR Course - CV19 
Meet Tony Simpson @ SMD 10:00 till 2:00ish.
PADI EFR Course Rescheduled for Saturday, May 9.
E.F.R. Certification Will Be Issued Same-day!
Call for Reservations, (423) 239-7333
Why Not Join Us?

  FL. Springs Weekend - April 9-11

Easter Weekend
You'll Be Home For Easter Sunrise Services
Open Water/Advanced Diver & Certified Divers
TRIP COST: $295  Trip Info Sheets Available @ SMD
For More Information See Our "Weekends Trips" Page
Call for Reservations, (423) 239-7333

Dive Lake Jocassee's "Hot Hole"



Saturday 4/18 (Projection)


Meet @ SMD Ready-To-Go by 6:00AM.


Fee is $40 2/tanks & Boat Ride. Car Pool or Caravan.


We'll Stop for Breakfast. Certified Divers Only.

Wantta Go? Shop's not open on Sunday, so PREPARE!

Call for Reservations, (423) 239-7333
PADI  EFR Course - May 9th
Meet Tony Simpson @ SMD 10:00 till 2:00ish
Pick-up Text, Read & Complete all Knowledge Reviews
Before EFR Classs Starts.
E.F.R. Certification Will Be Issued Same-day!
Call for Reservations, (423) 239-7333
Why Not Join Us?



 Please Call (423) 239-7333 For Reservations.


*               *               *




   We're Diving Gray Quarry


Open Water Qualification & Specialty Dives


             Wantta Dive?


Call SMD @ (423) 239-7333


            *               *               *





PADI Scuba Certification Courses,


We Start Those Every Day!


*               *               *





SMD Buddy Board:


Our next Scheduled dives @ Gray Quarry are:


Whenever You Schedule Them!


    Call For Reservations or With Request,


If at all possible, the answer will be . . .








  2020 - Let's Go Divin' . . . Yan'to?


Going Diving @ Gray Quarry and want to have some local folks


join you?  Give us a call @ SMD (423) 239-7333. We'll Post


Your Dive on the "SMD Buddy Board", Facebook, and Webpage.


We'll post your Name, Phone Number, and Your Dive Plan


Timeframe.  You could have folks calling "Your Buddyline"


within minutes.  What a Great Way to Meet New Divebuddies!


It's all about Divin' . . . We'll do it for Ya!


*               *               * 





  Open Water Dive



  "Come Work On Your Open Water Certification


or Your Specialty Dives."


Join SMD for an Open Water Dive Toward the Diving Specialty


That's Holding-up Progress Toward Your Master Diver Rating!



For Reservations;


Call (423) 239-7333, E-mail or Drop By SMD


*               *               *





    Dive Gray Quarry

(5 Minutes from SMD)


Entry Fee: $15 + tax per Day
 Sign Waviers & Releases at Smoky Mountain Divers
 Why Not Buy a Season Pass for 2020?


1.  Come to Smoky Mtn. Divers for a Waiver/Release.


2.  Pick-up the Combination to the Gate.


3.  Pay the "Diver's Entry Fee" of $16.43 a Day/Night.


4.  Go Diving!



We Have 2 Season Pass Options for 2020


1.  Family Season Passes are "Immediate Family same roof."


2.  Our Gray Quarry Monthly Family Pass is $75 and is Valid


     from the 1st Day thru the Last Day of the Month Purchased.


3.  The Annual Season Pass runs for 2020 Calendar Year.


4.  The Annual Family Season Pass Cost $300 


5.  Purchase Your Season Passes @ Smoky Mtn. Divers.

      (100% of the Purchase Price is used for Quarry Overhead.)



Purchase Your Season Pass - Today!


(We can do this with a Credit Card over the phone)


  Everyone Is Welcome . . . Why Not Join Us?


Did YOU Get Scuba Certified Just to Show Off Your C-Cards?


NO! . . .



Then, DO This;


Step #1:  Reserve a "Gray Quarry Tee-Shirt" from SMD Stock.


Step #2:  See Barry, Greg, Zak or Rob at SMD, Sign a Waiver.


Step #3:  Purchase a $15 Day Pass or a Gray Quarry Season Pass.


Step #4:  Then . . . Let's Go Divin', Yan'to ?



In the Immortal Words of Alfread E. Newman (Mad Magazine),


  "A Gray Quarry Annual Family Pass is $300 Cheap!"


    For More Information Call (423) 239-7333


Look @ Gray Quarry on Facebook for Daily Condition Updates.


*               *               *





Hey! Let's Take Scuba Diving Lessons!


Want to become a Certified Scuba Diver, or would you like to just


"Try Scuba Diving"?



Have you got a vacation coming up, and you know from past trips


you really enjoy snorkeling the reef?



You should consider taking a "Try Scuba" experience or "Jump-in


with both feet" and sign-up for a PADI Open Water Diver Scuba


Certification Course right here at Gray Quarry.



Smoky Mountain Divers' Instructional Staff can teach you, based


on "Your Best Schedule" at Gray Quarry which is only 3 miles


(5 minutes) from our PADI 5 Star Training Facilities' front door.


As the water warms in the quarry toward 84 degrees, we can


teach your Confined Water Training, and Open Water Dives right


here in Gray, TN.  Visibitity ranges up to 70 feet.



Smoky Mountain Divers' staff has been teaching Scuba Divers


since 1970. We have the Experience, Support Facilities, and with


Gray Quarry, the Open Water Location to help make your next


vacation a "World Class" adventure.  Join Your Friends and


Family Members this vacation, and . . . Go Scuba Diving!


Call SMD @ (423) 239-7333 and ask for Barry.


We'll take care of everything locally.


Dive Gray Quarry . . . For the FUN of It!


 *               *               *





2020 - News for Diver's Using Gray Quarry


Beginning Saturday, May 2nd any diver that is not traveling with


"Your Own" Scuba Instructor can join Smoky Mountain Divers


for a PADI Advanced Open Water, or PADI Specialty Course on a


"Per Dive" basis.



Take your PADI AOWD or PADI Specialty Course one dive at a


time and allow yourself the opportunity to truly schedule the dive


program to suit your needs. You'll pay for the individual dives,


One-Dive-At-A-Time! Complete the course in one weekend, or


take the whole diving season to Get the Advanced Certifications


You've Got Your Eyes Set On.



If you've got a "Home Dive Shop", but can't get the courses you


want for Spring and Summer scheduled, join SMD at Gray


Quarry. Buy your text packages at the diveshop of your choice, or


we've got them available at Smoky Mountain Divers.



If you're diving Gray Quarry why not work on some Advanced


Diver Training while your here? For more information call


Barry @ SMD (423) 239-7333.



You may also want to consider buying a Gray Quarry "Family


Season Pass" for the 2020 calendar year ($300), or for the given


Month of your choice for only $75.


  Join SMD's Instructional Staff at Gray Quarry


  We're Only 3 Miles Away!


*               *               *



We're Going Divin' and . . .



We'd Love to Include YOU!

  *               *               *

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