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Welcome to Smoky Mountain Divers!

The Thrill Of Diving!




Im Fal__! Im Fal__! Im Flying!!!



It's difficult to explain the Thrill of Scuba Diving or the comfortable, peaceful feeling a diver experiences when in a weightless state underwater. As you glide slowly over the tropical reef watching the ballet of thousands of beautifully colored marine creatures, you're immersed in a spirit of inner space that is nearly overwhelming and beckons you to stay.


The water is warm and clear as you search for that "perfect shot" with your underwater camera. Then you realize you've moved to the edge of the the wall, where the bottom drops thousands of feet into wonderful blue infinity. Your first emotion screams, "I'm Fal__... I'm Fal__... I'm   Flying" through this magnificent liquid universe!


Then sometimes you get so comfortable that, just for a couple of seconds, you no longer feel that you're underwater at all. It's then when you realize, it seems you could reach out and touch the face of God! 


Barry Burton, 1980




  Saturday, August 30th



Welcome to Smoky Mtn. Divers


Your SSI Recreational & Technical Dive Facility


 Come See Us, We're Here and Ready to Serve YOU!




A Note To a Friend 


I am Sadden to Report the Death of William I. (Bill) Fleenor.


Bill's Son, Todd just delivered the news of our loss this afternoon.


I knew Bill Fleenor as a Christian, a Devoted Father, an Avid Modeller,


and an All Around Good Guy!  Bill helped me in the Scuba Shop and


Hobby Shop for a couple years while his health was good. "Fleenor"


knew everyone in the community, he never met a stranger. During a 


period when I was by myself, Bill came by daily to see about me and


"Shop Sit" for awhile to let me run errands.  We Laughed together,


Cried together,  then threw up our hands, locked the dive shop and


went up to Woodstone Deli to get a Cheeseburger or a fried bologna


sandwich.  Last week Todd called me so Bill and I could talk, he sounded


strong, I didn't dream we were going to lose Bill so soon.  We'll miss


you Buddy!  I'm going to see you again, in your New Body.  Maybe we


can go flying without a plane.  Now You've Seen Jesus' Face.


What a cool Retirement Plan. You were my "Bud",  I'll Miss Ya!


*               *               *


Bill Fleenor Was Called to be With Our Saviour Friday, 8/22/14.


Bill had just turned 70 years old.





Closed Labor Day





SSI On-Line Training



FREE Tutorial Look to the Left!  <<<<





PADI On-Line Training


We've Certified PADI Divers Since 1972


 PADI Training Facility #S-3139




SSI, PADI, NAUI Certifications?


We Do Those . . . Every Day!





Note to Students


I Can't Process Your Certification


Without a Digital Picture of Your Smiling Face!


Please E-mail the Pic to


This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it





"Hot Summer Nights" 25% Sale



Our "Hot Summer Night Sale" offers 25% off all Equipt Packages.



Last Day of This SALE



Sale Ends Saturday, August 30th


*               *              *
        Do You Wannta Dive?
Just Talk About Diving?      


To Tell the Truth, I Enjoy Both . . .  But



When We Post a Dive Trip, We're Going Diving!



Want To Join Us?. . . You're Always Welcome.



At Smoky Mountain Divers


We Don't Care Who You Certified With or Where You Fill YourTanks!


Don't Play Games. Check With Your Dive Buddy . . . Chances Are


They're Carrying at Least One Dive Card From Smoky Mtn. Divers.



Life's Too Short To Miss A Good Scuba Dive!



Let's Go Divin' . . . Yan'to?


  *               *               *   





SMD's Master Diver


Development Program




Save $250 by Planning Ahead!



Buy 4 Specialty Diver Courses, or Their Text Packages as One


Purchase, and We'll Teach Stress & Rescue for $75.


This offer is for SSI, PADI, or NAUI "Rescue Diver" Programs.


The SSI Stress & Rescue Certification Normally Cost $325!


In other Words, Buy the Text & We'll Teach Rescue FREE!



Call SMD (423) 239-7333 to Get Started?


Offer includes all Text Packages, and Certification Materials.


 Don't Miss Out On This Training!


Offer Ends September 30, 2014



Special Note from Barry:


If You Purchased 2 SSI, or PADI Specialties Before We Initiated


the "Master Diver Development Program" Listed Above, We'll


Count Your Previous Purchases so You Qualify for the FREE


Stress & Rescue Course while working toward "Master Diver".



You're also Entered in the 2014 "SSI Master Diver Challenge"!


*               *               *   





Master Diver Development Program



Ready to Complete Sections of Your FREE Rescue Diver Course?


Rescue Pool Sessions or Open Water Qualification Dives


  Let Us Know When You're Ready To Rock!


Hey!  If We're Wet . . . We're Happy!


"Know what I mean, Vern?"


Don't Miss Out On This Training!


Call (423) 239-7333 For Reservations





Indoor Pool Training



No More Pool Sessions "Called" Because of Summer Storms!


Except for Private Pool Use . . . We've Moved Indoors!


 Please Call (423) 239-7333 for Reservations,


So We Can Plan SMD Staff Utilization.


*               *               *





      Why Don't They Wear . . .



                                What They Sell?



Have You ever done business with a Scuba Shop and Realize that


the "Best Instructors in the World!", Don't Wear What They Sell?


You Know They Sell "The Finest Products that Money can Buy",


Because They Tell You So!



Maybe Their Product Isn't Good Enough for Their Instructors.



At Smoky Mountain Divers


We Wear What We Sell . . .


Cause It's Good Scuba Divin' Stuff!


*               *               * 





Complete Your Full Cave Diver Course

 and Attend
Cave Excursions' 10th Annual "React Party"
October 22nd - 26th
Dive Peacock and Madison Blue Cave Systems
Thursday, October 23rd & Friday 24th
Then Join . . .
The "Legends of Cave Diving" Friday, 24th at 6:30PM;
Bill Rennaker, Tom Mount, Mark Long, Forrest Wilson, Mark Leonard,
Jim Fishback, Paul Heinerth, and Woody Jasper for Informal Discussions,
"Tall Tails", & Food!  "Food", the Common Denominator for Divers!
Saturday's React Party begins at 8:00AM.
NSS/CDS, NACD, IANTD, North Florida Springs Alliance, & Suwannee
River Water Management District will provide interesting topics for Cave
Divers. Others in Attendance include; Dive Rite Mfg., Underwater Light
Dude, Advanced Hydrotest, and more.  FOOD at 4:00PM mmm so Good!
Wantta Go . . . Just Let Me Know!
You Know the Drill . . . Call "THE" Smoky Mtn. Divers (423) 239-7333





  Smoky Mountain Divers


Often Immitated! . . . Never Duplicated!





Regional Dive College



September 13-21



Pound, VA and UVA Wise


"The Pathway to SSI Master Scuba Diver"


See Our "Upcoming Classes" Page for More Information.





Scuba Rangers "Rock!" 




  The Lake & Quarry are Open!


  Having Trouble Scheduling Your Open Water Dives?




We've been diving Saturday Evening & Sunday @ Philly


for the last six weeks. We're Going Back This Weekend!


  Complete Your Open Water Check-outs or Specialty Dives.


We'd Love to Have YOU Join Us. Call (423) 239-7333.


If You Made that Call . . .


Your Scheduling Problems for Scuba Diving are OVER!


Smoky Mountain Divers "Is Diving for the Tri-Cities!"


  *               *               *  





"Philly" Quarry Night Diving



TODAY @ 4:30



Saturday, August 30th


Meet Barry @ Philly about 7:00PM Saturday Evening.


Make a Dive, Grab a Sandwich, & Make a Night Dive.


  Barry to leave Smoky Mtn. Divers after work Saturday


and Drive to Philly for Night, Deep, or Wreck  Dives.


Complete Specialty, or Divemaster/Dive Guide Requirements.


  Barry to spend the night so we'll be ready to dive Sunday AM.


Specialty Qualification Dives


 Offered this Weekend; 


Night, Wreck, Deep, S & R, Nitrox, or Just Play


For Reservations Call Marilyn, Karen or Barry (423) 239-7333 





"Philly" Quarry - Divin' Some Mo'






Sunday, August 31st



We'll be teaching at Philly Quarry Sunday


if you want to work on your Deep Specialty 


or Open Water ratings, You're Welcome to


join us, by reservation Please!   . . .  Barry


Wreck Dive, Rescue, Deep Dive, S & R, Nitrox, Night, or "Play"


Wantta' Dive, or Sit in the Den?  Both are Good, but We're Divin'!


Why Not Join Us?


Call Karen, Marilyn, or Barry (423) 239-7333





Look! at our "New Certifications" Page.
 In 20 Months, SMD Has Certified 381 Divers.
Including 235 or 61% for Advanced, Specialty
or Instructor Ratings!
See Anybody Else Ya Know ?
Thank You Guys & Gals.  We Appreciate Your Business!





Open Water Diver - Pool Sessions



September 2nd, 3rd, & 4th @ 5:30



You Know the "Drill", Call (423) 239-7333 To Attend.





   Bonaire 2015


 See Lots of Information on our "International Trips" Page.


Deposits Are Now Being Taken!





Join SMD for "Quarry Daze"






  Barry will meet folks at "Philly" Quarry at 7:00-7:30PM.  Come by the shop and pick-up your equipment before 6:00PM this Friday.  We'll take 2 FULL scuba tanks each and you'll transport your own rental gear. Air fills are available for purchase at the quarry should we need additional breathing gas.  I want to start our 1st dive by 8:00PM. You'll pay a $12 quarry fee at the gate. Bring Food and Water. Don't forget to bring your Dive Log Book.


I'll spend Saturday night at a motel at Exit 60. Come get equipment on Friday if at all possible. Students who are completing their Phase III for Open Water Certification will pay their Certification Fee when they pick up their equipment. Students doing tech training need to pay their course fee by Friday.  Your Certification cards should be ready to pick-up at Smoky Mountain Divers by 6:00PM Monday.  See Ya Saturday!  Barry


Saturday, August 30th & Sunday 31st


Need More Information, See "Local Trips" on Our Main Menu


For Reservations; Call (423) 239-7333 


  *               *               *





Join the "SSI Open Water Diver Challenge"



 Win a Chance for a FREE "Belize Aggressor III" Dive Trip.


 New Divers complete an SSI Specialty Course during 2014


and You're Automaticly entered in the Drawing for the Trip.


Know What's Really Neat?  You're entered again for every


SSI Specialty Diver Course that you complete during 2014!


Drawing to be held on January 15, 2015.


Ask Frank Allen what it's like to Win a Free Aggressor Vacation!


Frank was 2013 "Challenge Winner" thru Smoky Mtn. Divers.



Let's Go Divin' Yan'to?





Kingsport Aquatic Center



Open Water Scuba Class



September 2nd, 3rd, & 4th 6:30-8:30


Call for reservations  (423) 239-7333





  2014 "SSI Master Diver Challenge" 


  Win a Chance for a FREE "Aggressor/Dancer " Dive Trip.


 Specialty Divers who complete SSI Master Diver during 2014


  are Automaticly entered in the Drawing for the Trip.


Drawing to be held on January 15, 2015.





My God's not Dead, He's surely alive,


Living on the inside, Roaring like a Lion!





Summer's Here,


Time to Service Your Scuba Gear!


Keep Your Dive Gear in Good Working Order . . .


It Could Be a Matter of Life or Death!


SMD is the Only Authorized Sherwood Repair Facility


in the Tri-Cities. Sherwood Warranty Work Performed


Anywhere Else "Locally" is Invaild and Voids Your Warranty.





Everyone has a Choice...






Shop at SMD


for the Best Prices & Service


in the Tri-Cities





Private or Group Scuba Courses


There's Not a Scuba Business in the Tri-Cities


that Can Match Our Flexibility or Experience.





  Thank You!


for Supporting Smoky Mountain Divers


a Local, Family-Owned Business.


Our Customers are a Wonderful Blessing.


Barry, Marilyn, & Zak

  "Dive Safety". . . It's No Accident
Friends Don't Let Friends Dive Stupid !
  Breathing Gas Fills
Air, Nitrox, O2, & TriMix Fills
Offered by "Certified Gas Blenders"


August "Quarry Daze"







Saturday 30th & Sunday 31st



Join Us to Complete Your Open Water Certification Dives.


"Philly" GPS: 2667 Harris Road, Philadelphia, TN 37846

Join the Guys and Gals from SMD at Philadelphia Quarry just South
of Knoxville for two days of scuba training fun. Meet us at "Philly"
Quarry Saturday 7:00-7:30PM and we should start our 1st dive by about
8:00PM on our 1st day.  We'll meet at "Philly" the 2nd day at
8:30AM, to make another 3-4 dives, and complete your Open Water
Diver, or Specialty Diver Certification Requirements. Bring Food!
Local area motels range in price from $55-$70 at Sweetwater exit #60.
That's cheaper and more convenient than driving back home. We have
been staying at the Super 8 Motel (Exit #60) 423-337-3541. Tell them
that you are Scuba Diving with Smoky Mountain Divers for the trip.
Call SMD to Make Diving Reservations and help us Plan for the Group.
Smoky Mountain Divers (423) 239-7333.
Need More Information? See "Local Trips" on our Main Menu.




Let's Go Divin'. . . Yan'to?




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